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Welcome to

Djomaly Productions

Welcome to Djomaly Productions! We are dedicated to bringing the best of Africa to America through captivating cultural events and performances. Our mission is to showcase the vibrant music and dance of Africa, providing unforgettable experiences that educate and inspire. Join us as we celebrate the richness of African culture and create opportunities for appreciation and understanding. Experience the rhythm and spirit of Africa with Djomaly Productions.

Our Story: Inspired by the belief that music has the power to bridge cultural gaps, Djomaly Productions was founded with a vision to introduce the diverse and captivating sounds of Africa to audiences beyond its borders. We understand the significance of music as a universal language that can unite people from different backgrounds and create meaningful connections.

Our Purpose: At Djomaly Productions, we exist to cater to the unique musical tastes and preferences of African immigrant communities residing in the United States. We strive to bring the music they love, cherish, and identify with, right here to their new home. By providing a platform for talented African music artists, we ensure that their voices are heard, celebrated, and appreciated on a broader scale.

Cultural Exchange and Appreciation: We strongly believe in the power of music to foster cultural exchange and appreciation. Through the enchanting rhythms, melodies, and lyrics of African music, we aim to captivate the hearts of not only the African diaspora but also individuals from diverse backgrounds. By exposing more people to the beauty and richness of African music and culture, we hope to break down barriers, encourage understanding, and celebrate our shared humanity.

Our Commitment: Djomaly Productions is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and authenticity in our work. We work closely with talented African artists, providing them with the support and guidance they need to shine on the global stage. From music production and artist management to concert promotions and events, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for both artists and audiences alike.

Join us on this musical journey as we strive to create an inclusive space where the vibrant rhythms of Africa resound and unite us all.

services we offer

Djomaly productions offers a host of services as we work hard to bring the best of African music to the states! Unity through music is the goal.

Concerts & Events

Djomaly Productions books, promotes and hosts concerts and events bringing Africa’s most talented musicians and acts to the United States to both serve the African community here in the US with their favorite artists and also by bringing African culture and entertainment for everyone to experience, appreciate and enjoy.

music production

Djomaly Productions also offers full scale music production for those artists that don’t have access to recording studios or cannot afford the unbearable costs associated with today’s music production. We work hard with our artists to really capture the vibe they are going for with their music. We let THEM create and direct every aspect and promise to never tell THEM how their music should be, but rather serve to bring THEIR vision to life.

Artist management

We also work to manage African artists who are wanting to bring their musical talents here to the US.  We are a full scale artist managment company offering booking, marketing, PR and more to our artists in an effort to get them the exposure their music deserves.



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