What we offer



Whether you are a fan of African music in search of concerts in your area or you are a an African artist that wants to put on an event here in the US, then look no further than Djomaly Productions. We will be hosting some of the best African artists here in America putting on concerts and ensuring everyone knows about them.


If you are an African artist looking at getting your music out to the world then reach out because Djomaly productions can assist in getting you and your art in front of the masses.  We handle it all and you as the artist do what you do best, entertain the masses!


If you are an African artist looking for full scale artist management solutions to help launch your career in music, Djomaly Productions offers that. We can handle your booking, promotion and production of your music through our various connections.  We want to see everyone successful and fulfilled and we can help you get there.


Are  you an African artist looking to simply record your music so you can share it in digital format. Djomaly productions can help.  We have several producers that can help you develop your sound and bring your music to life.  The key to an audeience is quality production which we offer affordably.